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2011 Heirloom Tomatoes and Peppers


Here is is guys and gals! Tomatoes, peppers, and other veggies will be $1.99 this year.
Opening Day is FRIDAY APRIL 22nd at 9AM

Abe Hall R Sl I Hrl. KY
Abraham Lincoln Orginal R Sl I Hrl
Akers West VA R Sl I Hrl
Amana Orange O Sl I Hrl IA
Amish Paste R P I Hrl Wisc.
Arkansas Traveler P Sl I Hrl NC
Aunt Lou’s Underground Railroad R Sl I Hrl KY
Aunt Ruby’s German Green Gr Sl I Hrl Germ
Australian Heart( Joe Thieneman’s) R Sl I Hrl KY
Barnes Mountain Yellow O Sl I Hrl KY
Bear Creek
Beefsteak R Sl I Hrl
Belgium Giant P Sl I Hrl OH
Believe It or Not R Sl I Hrl
Berkley Tie Die (Pink) Drk P/G Sl I Hrl
Berkley Tie-Die P/G Sl I Hrl
Better Boy R Sl I Hybrid
Big Boy R Sl I Hybrid
Big Rainbow R/G Sl I Hrl
Black &Brown Boar Bl/G Sl I Hrl
Black Cherry Bl/G C I Hrl
Black from Tula Br/R Sl I Hrl Russia
Black Krim Br/R Sl I Hrl Russia
Black Mountain R Sl I Hrl KY
Black Pear Bl C I Hr;l
Black Prince BL Sl I Hrl Siberia
Blondkopfchen Y C I Hrl E. Germ.
Brandywine Pink P Sl I Hrl
Brandywine Red landis R Sl I Hrl
Brandywine Liam P Sl I Hrl
Brandywine Suddath Strain P Sl I Hrl
Brandywine, Yellow Y Sl I Hrl
Brnadywine Black BL Sl I Hrl
Buckeye Yellow Y Sl I Hrl
Bulgarian Triumph R C I Hrl
Celebrity R Sl D Hybrid
Champagne Cherry Y/W C I Hrl
Cherokee Green Gr Sl I Hrl
Cherokee Purple Pr Sl I Hrl
Cow’s Tit R P I Hrl NC
Delicious R Sl I Hrl
Depp”s Firefly Pink R/P Sl I Hrl KY
Dr. Goodwin’s Ky Red. R Sl I Hrl KY
Dr. Wyche’s yellow O Sl I Hrl
Egg Yolk O C I Hrl
Franks Large Red P Sl I Hrl KY
German Johnson P Sl I Hrl VA
Giant Paste R Sl/P I Hrl
Giant Red Pear Abruzzese R Sl/SauceI Hrl
Gift from Woodland
Gildo Pietroboni R Sl I Hrl
Gold Medal Yellow Y Sl I Hrl
Grandfather Ashlock P Sl I Hrl
Grandma Viney’s Yellow&pink P/Y Sl I Hrl Ky
Granny Cantrell’s German P Sl I Hrl Ky
Grant County P Sl I Hrl KY
Great White W Sl I Hrl
Green Zebra Gr/Y Sl I Hrl
Hawaiian Pineapple Y Sl I Hrl
Hazelfield Farm Rd. R Sl I Hrl KY
Heinz 1350 R Canning D Hrl
Henderson Pink Ponderosa P Sl I Hrl
Husky Gold Y Sl F1 Hyb
Illini Gold O P I Hrl
Japanese Black Trifele BL P I Hrl
Jetstar R Sl I Hyb
Juliet Hybrid R C I Hyb
Kellogg’s Breakfast O Sl I Hrl W. Va.
Kentucky Beefsteak O Sl I Hrl KY
Kosovo P Canning I Hrl
Large Bare Boar Br Sl I Hrl
Lennie and Gracies Yellow Y Sl I Hrl KY
Linnie’s Oxheart R Sl,Sauce I Hrl KY
Lumpy Red R Sl I Hrl KY
Manaluci R Sl I Hrl
Marglobe R Sl D Hrl
Marmande Precoce (early) R Sl Semi/D Hrl France
Matt’s Wild Cherry R C I Hrl
Micro Tom R C D Hyb
Mortgage Lifter P Sl I Hrl
New Big Dwarf P Sl D Hrl
Old KY O Sl I Hrl KY
Old Virginia R Sl I Hrl
Omar’s Lebanese P Sl Hrl Lebannon
Orange Pixie O Sl D Hyb
Oxhart P Sl I Hrl
Paul Robeson Bl Sl I Hrl Russia
Peg’s Round Orange
Pike County P Sl I Hrl KY
Pink Pear P C I Hrl
Pink Ponderosa P Sl I Hrl
Ponderosa, Golden Y Sl I Hrl W. Va.
Principe Borghese R P D Hrl Italy
Purple Dog Creek P Sl I Hrl KY
Ramapo R Sl I Hrl
Rebcca Sebastian’s Bull Bag R Sl I Hrl KY
Red Pear R C I Hrl
Riesentraube R C I Hrl Germany
Roma VF R P D
Romeo Roma R P I Hrl
Rose Beauty Y Sl I Hrl KY
Russian 117 R Sl I Hrl
Rutgers R Sl D Hrl
San Marzano Bush R P I Hrl
San Marzano3 R P I Hrl
Scatolone 2 R P I Hrl
Schimmelig Stripped R I
St. Pierre R Sl I Hrl
Stakeless R Sl D HybF3
Stupice R Sl Hrl
Sugary R C I Hyb
Sungold Y C I HYB
Super Beefsteak R Sl I Hyb
Super Bush R Sl D Hyb
Sweet Currant R C I
Sweet Pea Currant
Uncle Mark Bagby P Sl I Hrl KY
Verna Orange O Sl Hrl
Vinson Watts P Sl I Hrl KY
Violett Jasper Pr/strp C I Hrl
Virginia Sweets G Sl I Hrl
Walzer R C I Hrl NC
Watermelon Beefsteak P Sl I Hrl
White Cherry W C Hrl
Wins-all P Sl I Hrl
Wolford Wonder P Sl I Hrl KY
Yellow Bell Paste Y P Hrl
Yellow Pear Y C I Hrl
Yoder’s German Yellow G Sl I Hrl Amish
Determinate (D) Ripen
fruit at same time then
die. (2 week period)
Indeterminate (I)
Bares fruits until killed by

Hot Peppers:
Aji limon (limon Hot Pepper)
Allepo Hot
Ancho San Martin HY
Aribibi Gusano
Beber Ethipian
Bishops Crown
boldogi Hungarian
Cajun Tobasco
Devil Toung Hot Chili
Fish Pepper
Habanero White
Habanero Yellow Lemon
Hungarian Hot Wax
Jalapeno, early
Jalapeno, Tam Mild
Jamacan Yellow
Joes Long Cayenne
Leutschauer Paprika
New Mexico 6 Chili
Nicaraguan Chili
Nu Mex Big Jim
Ot Heim
Peter, Red
Peter, Yellow
Purple Podded Chili
Santaka (Japanese)
Serrano Tampiqueno
Silina Laboyo
Sonora Anaheim Chili
Trifetti Hot Pepper

Bell Peppers:
California Wonder
California Wonder Orange
Flavorburst Green-yellow
Gourmet F! Green-orange
King Arthur Green- red
Mini Bell Mix
Orange Sun Pepper
Purple Beauty
Red Bell Mercury
Sweet Lilac
White Bell

Sweet Peppers:
Ash County N.C.
Carmen HY
Corno Di toro rosa
Fushimi 36
Lefleur Orchid
Marconi Giallo
Marconi Roso
Sheepnose Pimento
Shepherds Rams Horn
Sweet Banana
Sweet French Vidi
Topepo Rosso

Misc Veggies:
Amethyst Hyb Eggplant.
Bambino Eggplant
Hansel Hybrid Eggplant
Kamo Eggplant
Little Fingers Eggplant
Orlando Eggplalnt
Pumpkin on a Stick (Eggplant)
Red Eggplant
Salangana Eggeplant
Turkish Orange eggplant
Aunt Molly’s Ground Cherries
Tomatillo Green
Tomatillo Purple
Tomatillo Pineapple

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Hours: Please call before visiting, our hours could change due to farmer’s markets, special events, etc.
Address: 315 Colonel Cox Road South 40013  ( Google Maps Link )
Phone #: 502-296-1499
Thieneman’s Greenhaus is a family owned and operated garden center, located in beautiful Coxs Creek, KY.
Two years ago we took a leap of faith and decided to relocate our garden center after the family farm sold.
We found a picturesque 10 acre farm just south of Mt Washington and we started settling in. After not quite 2 years now, we still feel like we’re moving in. But we thankfully didn’t have to skip a season.
We had a great first year, and it looks like we’ll have a great second year. We are extremely thankful our loyal customers followed us, and a bunch of new people have found us too.
We have been specializing in herbs and perennials for almost 60 years. Our herb collection is probably the largest in the area. For 15 years now we have grown a large variety of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and veggies. And we have a great love for succulents as well, our collection is ever growing.Our goal is to be your favorite local garden center known for unusual and hard to find plants. We love our plants!!