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Mater Days 2024 – Friday April 19th, Saturday April 20th, Sunday April 21st


JOIN US APRIL 19th-21st for our Annual ‘Mater Days tomato and pepper season opener

Address: 315 Colonel Cox Road South 40013

Variety Lists below in PDF format. Hope to see you !

Pepper and Veggie list for 2024

Tomato list for 2024

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Mater Days 2023 – Starts Friday April 21st 9am


Welcome to Mater Days 2023

– Friday April 21st 9am – 6pm
– Saturday April 22nd 9am – 6pm
– Sunday April 23rd 12pm – 5pm

We know the world has gotten crazy and everything is more expensive but our prices have stayed the same from 2022 ! Tomatoes and Peppers are $3

You can download our pepper and tomato variety lists in PDF format here:

Tomato List 2023

Pepper List 2023

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Our Favorite Children’s Books


I’ve wanted to compile a list of children’s books for a long while now. Better late than never. lol. The list below highlights some of our favorites, they also all sit on my personal bookshelf. There were many that didn’t make the list, but my hope is that this will help you find new favorite treasures and expand your library. My opinion is you can never have too many books, especially when it comes to children! The top five or ten on the list are our most favorite, and I consider must haves.

What the Wind Told was, and still is, my favorite book as a child! Delightful images, the story follows a sick girl, Tossy, who has a daily conversation with the wind. Each day he tells her about a different window in the building across the street, and of course there is a plant family!!!

Uno’s Garden will not disappoint! It is a must have. The author is also the illustrator, and the images are unparalleled in beauty and complexity. The story teaches a lesson that everyone should know (math is also part of the lesson), people and cities grow, plant and animal habitat is lost, and eventually a balance is found. Buy this book!

The Curious Garden is another delightful book about a boy that stumbles into gardening and falls in love with it. Plants and tends to rouge gardens around the city. Fabulous book!

I could talk up each and every one of these books! Next time you’re in don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with me! Click the link below, it’s a rather extensive list.

Our Favorite Children’s Books

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‘Mater Days 2022 April 22nd-24th


‘Mater Days 2022

Starts April 22nd

2022 Pepper List

2022 Tomato list

Note: We will NOT have tomatoes or peppers available for sale before April 22nd but there will be cold crops available before that date.

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‘Mater Days 2021 April 23rd-25th


Join us Friday April 23rd, Saturday 24th and Sunday the 25th as welcome warmer weather and tomato growing season with Happy Hearts !

9-6 Fri
9-6 Sat
12-5 Sun

315 Colonel Cox Rd South 40013

Here is our 2021 Tomato list

Here is our 2021 Pepper list

Tomatoes and Peppers

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Hours: Please call before visiting, our hours could change due to farmer’s markets, special events, etc.
Address: 315 Colonel Cox Road South 40013  ( Google Maps Link )
Phone #: 502-296-1499
Thieneman’s Greenhaus is a family owned and operated garden center, located in beautiful Coxs Creek, KY.
Two years ago we took a leap of faith and decided to relocate our garden center after the family farm sold.
We found a picturesque 10 acre farm just south of Mt Washington and we started settling in. After not quite 2 years now, we still feel like we’re moving in. But we thankfully didn’t have to skip a season.
We had a great first year, and it looks like we’ll have a great second year. We are extremely thankful our loyal customers followed us, and a bunch of new people have found us too.
We have been specializing in herbs and perennials for almost 60 years. Our herb collection is probably the largest in the area. For 15 years now we have grown a large variety of heirloom tomatoes, peppers and veggies. And we have a great love for succulents as well, our collection is ever growing.Our goal is to be your favorite local garden center known for unusual and hard to find plants. We love our plants!!